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Back to blogging…

It’s been about 4 years since my last blog entry – a long time, and the “blogging” landscape has changed a lot in that time. I stopped blogging for a variety of reasons, but it’s time to give it another try – and now here I am!

So join me, as I ramble along whatever paths I decide to talk about here. Read, comment, discuss, and enjoy. Perhaps I’ll even have something interesting to say one day!

Since I last wrote, I’ve had some pretty substantial changes in my life. Most notably, I’m no longer a student (graduated at the end of 2002 – wow, has it really been 3 1/2 years?), and last year I moved from Melbourne to, roughly speaking, the other end of the earth – Barcelona! I’m also, of course, older – I can only hope that I’m a little wiser to go along with that.

Well, that’s my little introduction. In the interests of keeping things coherent, I’m going to leave it here – one topic per blog entry!